Do you want to mark your work with a unique logo? In this session we will briefly cover the basics of Chinese characters, a language which is both complex and interesting. You will learn to write basic Chinese characters under the guidance of Kristine Yeung, a professional calligrapher from Hong Kong. 


Your efforts may not be perfect, but that’s the key! The fact that the characters are so foreign to you, makes them a good starting point to draw inspiration for creating your very own maker’s mark. You will walk away with a few designs that can be developed further or can be made into pottery stamps outside the workshop. 


Although the workshop is not a Chinese writing or calligraphy lesson, there will be traditional calligraphy brushes available for you to get a taste of the artform. 


Join us for a fun afternoon of creativity, laughter, food and refreshments!

Maker's Mark Calligraphy Workshop, 4-6pm, Saturday, 11 June