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Hours: 8 hours per week (flexible)

Starting salary: £12 per hour

Bonus: Membership access to studio

Deadline for applications: 22 May 2023


Altar Pottery is a community-oriented venture that provides regular classes, workshops and team building events. The studio also functions as a co-working members’ space where early and mid-career makers have the opportunity to learn and develop essential skills meanwhile exploring their individual creative practice.


We are looking to recruit a talented and committed individual with demonstrable experience in ceramics. Beyond the specific job requirements, we are looking for a team player who understands and champions the physical and mental health benefits of working with clay. Someone who has a passion for ceramics and has a natural ability to connect with people.



Job Duties / Responsibilities:


  1. Kiln maintenance: loading, unloading, firing, kiln shelf maintenance.

  1. Manage and oversee storage, drying and firing schedule of work produced by students and members

  2. Glaze and clay stock management: check inventory, top up glaze and slip buckets

  3. Glaze, slip and clay testing

  4. Recycling clay using a pug mill

  5. Cleaning

  6. Glazing student’s work

  7. Assist in set-up and delivery of classes and workshops  if required, and provide demonstrations when needed.

  8. Manage technician hours, personal administration and time sheets.

  9. Other tasks as mutually agreed.



Person Specification:


The successful candidate must be able to clearly demonstrate how they meet the  criteria outlined below.

  • A minimum of 2 years of experience in the operation and monitoring of electrical machinery including: electric kiln, pug mill, potter’s wheel, extruder

  •  An in-depth understanding of standard ceramics processes and techniques: wedging, hand-building, throwing on the wheel, safe handling and mixing of raw materials

  •  Knowledge of studio health and safety procedures

  • Formal qualification or work experience in Art / Ceramics.

  • Prior experience working / volunteering within the creative sector

  • Excellent communication skills and a friendly and caring attitude to others.

  • Excellent computer and digital skills

  •  Self-motivated and proactive work ethic, with the ability to work well on your own initiative.

  •  Creative and artistic skills with a passion for ceramics, with a strong motivation to bring that passion to others.

  •  Passion for artistic development with the ability to contribute to organisational longer term artistic and strategic goals.

  • Desire to learn and an openness to developing and furthering your skills and approaches.




Please send your CV and a cover letter to

Your cover letter should outline how you meet the person specification and why you would like to join our team.

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